Juma, Daily Prayers



First Juma

Speech 1:15 PM
Adhan and Khutba 1:40 PM
Iqama 1:45 PM


Second Juma

Adhan and Speech 2:10 PM
Khutba 2:30 PM
Iqama 2:35 PM


Third Juma

Adhan and Speech 3:00 PM
Khutba 3:20 PM
Iqama 3:25 PM

Friday Prayers Location

John Tonelli Arena

Parking officers will be onsite to check for parking violations in and around the Arena.
There is lots of parking at Milton District High School which is a 5 min walk to the Arena.

Friday prayers will move back to Sports Center starting September.

Daily Prayers Iqama Time

No prayers hosted on stat holidays due to town facilities closure. Such as Jul 01,  Aug 06, Sep 03, etc. 

Daily Prayers Locations:

Fajr/Maghreb / Isha: Room # 4, Milton Sports Center, 605 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton