Juma, Daily Prayers


Please arrive early to ensure space. Doors will be closed once we reach hall capacity to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and town policy. 

First Juma


1st Adhan

12:15 PM

12:35 PM

Adhan and Khutba 12:45 PM
Iqama 12:50 PM

Second Juma

Speech 1:15 PM
Adhan and Khutba 1:35 PM
Iqama 1:40 PM

Third Juma

Speech 2:00 PM
Adhan and Khutba 2:20 PM
Iqama 2:25 PM

Friday Prayers Location

Milton Sports Center, Gym

605 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 6J5

Daily Iqama and Learning Timing

Timings from Friday, February 21st, 2020

Fajr  Section  6:15 AM
Zuhr Section      1:00 PM                   

 1:45 PM (Saturday Only)

Asr  Section    4:30 PM
Maghrib Section  5 mins after sunset
Isha Section  8:00 PM (1st session)                          

8:30 PM (2nd session)


Halton Learning Center,

550 Ontario Street South, Milton