New Sisters Weekend Youth Quran Course

Muslim Association of miltom [MAM] will start offering new Weekend Quran Course
Sister Youth Quran Class (Age from 12 and up)
Every Saturday, Staring from Dec.02, 2017
From: 10:00- 2:00pm
At: Lions Club Hall [77 Thompson Rd S, Milton, ON L9T 6P7]
Monthly Fee: $50.00
To register for the course, please (647) 746-8730 for registration.

The main intention and hope is that the students will be inshahAllah able to:

1. Understand the Quran directly in Arabic (by word to word translation)

2. Learn the detail explanation [Tafsir ] of Quranic verses and Surah’s

3. Improve Quranic recitation through application of Tajweed rules

4. Extract Lesson from lives of the Prophet (s.a.w) & his companions

5. Gain deeper understanding of the 5 pillars

6. Strengthen Aqeeda (Matters of Faith) by knowing its importance

7. Perform Ibadahs with true spirit with love

Students are requested to be dedicated, patient, and punctual. We also need support of parents to play a key role in this journey of learning Quran to make their children’s SadaqaJahria for themselves and help their coming generation & Muslim Ummah

Things needed


· Book of Selected verses and Surah’s of Quran

· Quran recitation with Tajweed (MashafUsmani)

· Qurani and Masnoon duaas

· Moon split

A Project of Muslim Association of Milton [MAM]