Ramadan Mubarak

Thursday, 18th June
Hilal Committee of Metropolitan Toronto & Vicinity has confirmed the sightings of the new crescent. First Taraweeh will insha’Allah be offered on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015. Isha/Taraweeh Location:
Gymnasium, Milton Sports Center
605 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton Isha Iqama:
11:00PM Sharp Taraweeh Start:
11:15pm Sharp Taraweeh Night Sponsor
You can sponsor a Taraweeh night for $350 a night (Cost of facility rental). Details to be announced on the first Taraweeh prayer insh'Allah.
It will be on first come, first serve basis, and spots are limited. If you wish to participate, please bring your donation along on first Taraweeh.]]>