Thanks for MAM Volunteers

Thanks for MAM Volunteers’ Teams

 (Jazakoum Allah Khayran)

With Year 2018 approaching to the end filled with many activities and accomplishments, MAM management would like to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work for making things got done.

 It would not happen without you


During the year 2018 MAM volunteers’ teams were able to accomplish many tasks for serving Muslim Community in Milton with high level courtesy and in professional way.


In addition to many tasks that MAM volunteers do that are clearly visible to Muslim Community like

  • Weekly Jummah Prayers organization, food sales, parking lot control, and occasional fundraising
  • Ramadan preparation, Taraweeh organization, annual Muslim Community Iftar in Milton, and Lilato Al-Kudr fundraising, and Khatm Al Quran.
  • Eid Prayers organization
  • MAM Annual BBQ and Milton District Hospital Fundraising
  • Annual Quran Competition for Quran classes students.

They do a lot of tasks not seen and felt by Muslim Community in Milton because no direct interaction between the community and these tasks like

  •  Events planning and reservation
  •  Financial tracking and bookkeeping
  •  Assets management and maintenance
  •  Media management and maintenance
  •  Projects monitoring and control.Muslim Association of Milton management would like to thank all MAM volunteers for all their dedication and hard efforts, and would like to extend its thanks by advising the volunteers that according to MAM current member approval, Muslim Association of Milton has opened the membership for MAM volunteers that meet MAM membership criteria for the year 2019. The membership application can be sent to Muslim Association of Milton via email to from Nov. 10th 2018 to Nov. 30 2018. Any membership application will be received after this date will not be processed for year 2019 membership.

MAM Membership Application 2018