MAM purchased the property located at 4269 Regional Road 25 in Oakville in February 2012 with the intention of building a Masjid to cater to the religious and communal needs of the growing Muslim population in Milton and Oakville. The total size of the property was 12.33 acres with a 4,000 sq. ft. single story residential building and a 1,500 sq. ft. storage building. Immediately after the closing, MAM hired a consulting firm to help with the zoning approval process. During this process, the consulting firm had several studies and surveys conducted by various third-party experts for submission with the application. The property had (and still has) three levels of government interest: Municipal, Regional, and Provincial, as well as Conservation Halton.


Minister’s Zoning Order

The property is located within the boundaries of the Parkway Belt West Plan and is also in an area designated as Protected Country / Natural Heritage System under the Provincial Greenbelt Plan. Because the property is in the Parkway Belt West Plan the local Zoning By-law provisions are overridden by a Provincial document known as a Minister’s Zoning Order. The Order, which relates to the property at this time, only permits a detached residential use so an amendment to the Minister’s Zoning Order is required to move forward with the proposed use. The application was filed with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Requests for comments on the application were sent to Halton Region, the Town of Oakville, and Conservation Halton and it took a year for everything to come together on the application.

Parallel with the application to amend the Minister’s Zoning Order, the consultants applied for Site Plan Approval through the Town of Oakville.


Study and Survey Reports

The study and survey reports are available at the following link for review.
City of Oakville documents Re: Muslim Association of Milton Link


What we have achieved

  • 12 Acres paid off property (Alhumdolillah)
  • Zoning approved as Place of Worship
  • Site plan conditionally approved
  • Change of Use Approved, see below
  • Majority of Qard E Hasana returned, ($40k remaining)

Current Approvals and Permits

  • Max number of people allowed to use the property at a time: 200
  • Max number of gravel parking spots allowed to build: 42
  • We may be granted to accommodate additional 100 people and 30 parking spaces in the future
  • We may be granted the approval in the future to accommodate additional 100 people and 30 parking spaces (subject to a new application process)


Allowed Uses once Construction is Completed

  • We can offer daily five time prayers. MAX 200 people, 42 parking spots.
  • We can run weekday and weekend Qur’an classes
  • We can run Islamic educational programs
  • We can host small community gatherings
  • We can use the green space for outdoor events as long as the protected areas remains un-threatened

We hope to use this facility as a hub to engage the Muslim community in Milton, Oakville and Burlington. We are especially excited about engaging the children of the growing Muslim community through all kinds of event including sports, mentoring, community service, game nights, etc.


Challenges and Constraints

Due to the Ontario Government’s greenbelt regulations, the following constraints are enforced on the property:

  • We cannot build hard-surfaced parking lot (asphalt or concrete)
  • We cannot touch 9.25 acres (75%) of 12.33 land
  • We cannot expand the existing building structures which currently occupy 1.23 acres (10%) of 12.33 land
  • We cannot use the existing barn building except for storage
  • We cannot cut any trees located on the property
  • We cannot endanger wildlife that currently exists on the property
  • We cannot host large Friday, Ramadan, Eid, and BBQ gatherings.


Next Steps

Phase Cost Major Items Output
1 – Site Plan Approval $125,000
  • Left Turn Signal
  • Tree Hoarding
  • Silt Fencing
  • Municpal contracts and agreements
  • Site Alteration Permit
  • Site Plan Final Approval
2 – Exterior Construction $750,000

($375,000 is required by the Town as a deposit)

  • Septic system
  • Firefighting reservoir
  • Driveway and parking
  • Lot grading for snow handling
  • Landscaping requirements
  • Building Permit
3 – Interior Construction $125,000
  • Interior renovations
  • Floor strengthening for institution use
  • Fire doors
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Mosque Opening