Eid Ul Adha 2019

Eid Mubarak!

We hope you will join us for Eid Prayers on Sunday Aug 11, 2019. We will be holding multiple prayers to make sure that you and your family can attend comfortably.

With such a large gathering of Muslims in one place, we want to make sure we leave a positive impression for all other Milton residents. Please do not do anything that will leave a negative image for other residents and users of the facility.

To make the experience easy and pleasant for everyone, please keep in mind the following guidelines.

  • Doors will be closed once we reach hall capacity. We have to respect the hall capacity limits otherwise we will not be allowed to hold Eid prayers by the Town and Sports Center staff. Town Staff will be counting people in the hall and volunteers will close doors once we reach capacity.
  • Fire Safety and Hall Capacity. Capacity of each hall is determined by Town staff and the Fire Department based on the number of exits. We have to make sure we respect the capacity, otherwise we will not be allowed to hold prayers on any town facility.
    • Rink B – Capacity – 800 people
    • Gym – Capacity – 500 people
  • Arrive early. This Eid prayer we only have 1 ice rink due to ice in other arenas. With that in mind, we will also be holding prayers at the Gym so that we can accommodate more people. Please arrive early so that you can enter the hall before it reaches capacity. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next schedule prayer.
  • Do not wait for the later prayers. Please try to attend one of the earlier prayers. The later prayers are always full and you will not get space to pray if you don’t arrive well in time.
  • Do not block hallways. Please don’t block the hallways in the Milton Sports Center. The Sports Center will be used by other Milton residents for programs. Please do not be disruptive to other users of the facility.
  • Parking. Please park properly and do not block fire-lanes. This will help everyone enter and leave quickly from the Sports Center. Town Staff will be onsite ticketing improperly parked cars.
  • Entrance. To avoid blocking the hallways, please use the designated entrances. This will make sure that you can enter and leave quickly without impacting other users of the facility.

Prayer Times

Date – Sunday Aug 11, 2019
Location – Milton Sports Center

Prayer Location Time Hall Capacity Entrance
1Rink B6:45 AM800Main Entrance
2Gym7:15 AM500Entrance close to Gym\Optimist room
3Rink B7:45 AM800Main Entrance
4Gym8:15 AM500Entrance close to Gym\Optimist room
5Rink B8:45 AM800Main Entrance
6Gym9:15 AM500Entrance close to Gym\Optimist room
7Rink B9:45 AM800Main Entrance
8Gym10:15 AM500Entrance close to Gym\Optimist room
9Rink B10:45 AM800Main Entrance