Important information about COVID-19 and MAM

Important information about COVID-19 and MAM In light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus outbreak), and with reference to Islamic rules best practice as well as health care precautions in such a case, Muslim Association of Milton (MAM) is requesting prayers attendees to follow below rules for the safeguard of our Canadian Muslim/non-Muslims community members.

Keeping our community safe is a personal responsibility for each and every one of us. Therefore, please follow the following etiquette when at the Masjid:

  1. Do not come for salaah, even Jumu’ah, if you feel unwell or are otherwise within the vulnerable population with respect to COVID-19.
  2. If you have travelled recently, do not come to the Masjid.
  3. Come with Wudu.
  4. Bring your prayer mat so you are doing sajdah on your own mat.
  5. Do not shake hands with anyone.
  6. Cough and sneeze in your elbow.
  7. Pray Sunnah at home after the Salaah.

And above all, make dua to Allah SWT that He keeps us all safe and protected from this virus and all harm, and gives shifaa to those who are afflicted with this and any other illness.

Allah (SWT) is so generous and Kind and he award his servant who are not able to attend any prayers for out of hand reasons same as who have attended. Put your faith in Allah (SWT) mercy and be caring for others as you care for yourself as it is a principle of our belief.

Jazakoum Allah Khayran for your cooperation and effort.