Syrian Refugee Relife


With Syrian refugees arriving in Milton, we need the help of the community to make sure these newcomers to the community. Muslim Association of Milton is working with different sponsoring groups in the area and providing assistance wherever we can.

How can you help?

A common challenge that most refugees are facing is the language barrier. They mostly speak Arabic and very little English. This makes any interaction with the  refugees much harder. The different Sponsors have asked us to connect them with Arabic speaking volunteers.

The refugees need assistance with simple tasks that we take for granted right now:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Buying groceries
  • How to use the Bus Service, Library, other town services
  • Going to the doctor
  • Completing paperwork
  • Registering their children at school
  • Registering adults for English as a Second Language(ESL) classes
  • Etc.

The Sponsors will work with you on the tasks above and you can function as a translator, or you can even drive them around yourself if you wish.

Lastly, the refugee families do not know anyone in Milton. If you can just drop by their house once in a while to check in and welcome to the area, it would really help. We need to make sure these new families integrate well into the area so that they are setup for long term success in Canada.


If you can help in anyway, please email us at We will connect you with the Sponsors and Refugee families so that you can work with them directly.


If you have any materials or clothes to donate, you can drop them off to the Welcome Center . The Welcome Centre is located at 215 Ontario Street South in Milton, inside Gary Allan High School (the former EC Drury High School).

When you enter the school, turn left and follow the road till you see the Welcome Center signs. They are accepting Clothes, Pots, Dishes, Blankets, Electronics, etc. They are open from 9-4pm on weekdays.

Please contact the following for more information. Stuart Miller, Associate Director Halton District School Board – 905-335-3663


If you have furniture to donate, please email us at, and we can put you in touch with Refugee families or Sponsors for dropoff\pickup. Please send pictures and sizes if possible.

For Sponsors or Refugees

If you are a Refugee or Sponsor, please email us at if you need any assistance.