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Muslim Association of Milton
4269 Regional Road 25
Oakville, ON, L6M 4E9

Current Board of Directors

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Br. Ehab has been working with MAM and volunteering in many MAM events over the last 5 years. He organized numerous Religious, and Social events in the past 5 years. He has been working hard in MAM administration, media review, and Masjid construction project.

His goals are establishing a Masjid that actively serves the Milton Muslim community, and to connect the new Muslim generation in Milton with the Masjid and Islamic traditions of Allah Messenger Muhammad (PBUH).

Br. Ehab is incharge of MAM religious committee.

Musleh Uddin MUZAMIL

Br. Muzamil has been a hard working volunteer in different communities around the GTA including the Jamia Islamia Canada, Bait Ul Mukarram Masjid area and Islamic Foundation of Toronto. Since he moved to Milton, he has been volunteering his time at MAM. Specially starting from 2015 to help organize Juma and other events. He has also been over-seeing MAM finances to make sure that the organization spends its money wisely.

His goals for the coming term are to bring community closer to scholars, bring the community together and increase communications between the Masjid and Community.

Br. Muzamil is incharge of Finance committee


Br. Masood has been actively working as volunteer with MAM since last 8 years.  He has been volunteering his time to arrange Juma Prayers, regular daily prayers, booking events facilities, arrange Kids programs, arrange and set up Eid prayers, and help organize the annual BBQ event.

His goals for coming term In Sha’Allah are to find a place for 5 times prayers, Fund raising for proposed Masjid site, Daily Quran classes, Weekly Dars-e-Quran for brothers and sisters, involving kids in Sports activities and arrange educational assistance for students.

Br. Masood is incharge of Media and Communication committee.

Iqbal Hussain

Br. Iqbal has been actively working as volunteer with MAM since last 10 years and incharge of MAM Event committee.

Syed Kashif Ali

Br. Kashif has been actively working as volunteer with MAM since last 5 years and he is incharge of MAM Assets committee.

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