Board of Directors

Ata ul Haq

Br. Ata has been Volunteering for MAM since 2014. He has been actively involved in establishing our new Masjid at Thompson.

Mehmood Khan

Br. Mehmood has been actively working as a volunteer with MAM for last 10 years and in charge of MAM Event committee.

M. Ali Azad

Ali has been a very active volunteer at the Muslim Association of Milton for the past 8 years and has been a valuable resource and has supported and led various projects including Annual BBQ, Eid prayers, Weekly Juma prayer, volunteer coordination, website, and communications to name a few. He is always eager to jump in and help everyone in our community!

When Ali is not working on planning and organizing for MAM, he works full time as a part of the Leadership team at Rogers. He loves spending time with his wife and kids, cooking, entertaining, hiking, cycling, and exploring new towns in Eastern Canada.

Shahzad Anjum

Br. Shahzad has been actively working as a volunteer with MAM for last 5 years and he is in charge of MAM Assets committee.

Shaukat Chaudhary

Br. Shaukat has been working with MAM and volunteering last 15 years.

His goals are establishing a Masjid that actively serves the Milton Muslim community, and to connect the new Muslim generation in Milton with the Masjid and Islamic traditions of Allah Messenger Muhammad (PBUH).



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