We accept donations for the following purposes and uses.

  1. Masjid Operations and Construction
    • Operational Costs
    • MAM Programs and Services
    • Construction of the Masjid
  2. Sadaqa – (Jariyah)
    • To help needy families
    • Projects benefiting the community (including construction of the masjid).
  3. Zakat – (Wajib Sadaqa)
    • To help needy Muslim families

You can make a one time or recurring donation using the following methods

  • E-transfer
    • E-transfer to
      Very important, In comment field, please add name: your full name address: your address Donation type: Firta, zakat or donation
  • Credit Card, Paypal
  • Check
    • Please make the check out to the “Muslim Association of Milton”
    • You can mail the check to the address below, or drop it at the donation boxes at Juma, etc.
  • Direct Transfer
    • TD Canada Trust Bank
    • Transit # 3058, Account # 5000909

Please make sure to include your name, address, and purpose(Masjid, Sadaqa, Zakat, etc.) so that we can issue tax receipts at the end of the year.

Muslim Association of Charity Listing on Canada Revenue Agency website


Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are mailed to donors during at the end of February each year. Please reach out to us via email at if you have any questions.

Note – CRA requires us to record and verify each donation before issuing a tax receipt. We only issue Tax Receipts for donations made via Check, Credit Card or Direct Transfers.

We cannot issue Tax Receipts for cash deposited in donation boxes because there is no way to track the donor. If you do put cash in the donation boxes, please put it in an envelope with your address on it so that we can record your donation and issue a tax receipt for you.


Syrian Refugee Relief Efforts

For information regarding Syrian Refugee Relief efforts, please visit the following page.