Alhamdulillah we purchased a second property for our Masjid earlier this year for $3.1M and we have been working hard since then to get our zoning permit approved. We are now in the final stages of getting the place of worship zoning. However before we move to the next phase of construction, we still have $180,000 in qarz-e-hasna that must be paid off before the year end.

Moreover, since HICC Masjid opened, we have had traffic issues especially in Ramadan and in Jummas. In order to solve this, we have been discussing with the town to install Traffic signal to help ease traffic flow in HICC. It will provide safe route to enter the masjid for those coming from Milton and it will also be beneficial for Oakville residents making left turn when leaving the masjid. We will be going ahead with the process of installing traffic lights which would require about $250,000 for the entire project.

In Sha Allah, we will be looking to collect $430,000 for both Traffic signal and Qarz-e-Hasna so we can move to the next phase in Thompson Masjid and help improve traffic flow in HICC. This equates to $1,000 for 430 families. Please make dua and help us attain our goal In Sha Allah.

Jazak Allahu Khairun!

Phase 1

  • Property Size: 2.1 acres property
  • Purchase Price: $3.1 Million
  • Down Payment: $300k
  • Cash on Hand: $1.2 Million from previous project donation savings
  • $400k from donations collected during Ramadan
  • Balance: $1.2 Million needed to complete the purchase of Land and Property
  • Closing: May 30, 2023

Phase 2

  • Zoning permit application
  • Site plan approval
  • Property servicing and civil work
  • Building renovation and construction

Alternate Donation Methods:

  1. E-transfer to
    • In the comment field, please add your full name and full mailing address
  2. Cheque
    • Please make the cheque payable to “Muslim Association of Milton” and mail it to “Muslim Association of Milton, 4269 Regional Road 25, Oakville, ON, L6M 4E9
  3. Direct Transfer to TD Canada Trust Bank. Transit # 3058, Account # 5000909


Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are mailed at the end of February each calendar year. Tax Receipts are not issued for cash donations.

For further inquiries, please contact