Office Hours / Open House


MAM will be hosting Office Hours \ Open House sessions every month to engage with the community and answer any questions they may have. We want to hear from you about how we can improve the services we deliver to the community.

MAM is run by volunteers who donate their time. When community members have questions at Juma or other events, we are not able to have longer conversations or engage effectively since the volunteers have to leave for their other commitments. Having an Open House will allow us to have dedicated time to answering any question or dealing with other administrative matters. i.e. Updating tax receipts, collecting input on various matters, etc.

We will be hosting an Open House every month on the last Sunday from 10am to 12pm. The schedule might change from time to time depending on availability or other events, but we will list all the upcoming events so that you are aware of the exact dates.

There is no formal program or presentation at this event. However representatives from the MAM Board of Directors and Volunteers will be available to listen to your feedback and answer any questions you may have.


4269 Regional Road 25, Oakville


  • Sunday, March 27th. 10am – 12pm – Completed Check-mark
  • Sunday, April 24th, 10am – 12pm – Completed Check-mark
  • Sunday, May 29th, 10am-12pm – Completed Check-mark
  • No open house in June or July due to Ramadan and BBQ preparations.
  • Sunday, Aug 28th, 10AM-12pm – Completed Check-mark
  • Sunday, Sep 25th, 10AM-12pm – Completed Check-mark
  • Sunday, Oct 30th, 10-12pm
  • Sunday, Nov 27th, 10-12pm
  • No Open house in December. We will be available in the Maghrib and Isha prayers, so please come and ask us any question you may have.